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    Top 5 hotels in Maldives

    Posted In: Travel Tips by cooldude

    hotels in MaldivesThe Maldives are a fine holiday destination for everyone looking for a comfortable and bright vacation. Surrounded by water, Maldives is best suited for those people who love water sports or swimming. Below given are the top 5 hotels where the tourists can stay during their trip to Maldives.

    1. Kuredu island resort - This hotel is positioned on Kuredu Island which is the biggest in Maldives cluster. This island is separated into three sections for accommodation and each division has its own inn and café. It has a large selection of rustic thatched bungalow with stunning attractive views of Indian Ocean.

    2. Sheraton Maldives restaurants - This resort is enclosed by charming views of the sea and the moist garden packed with flowers and plants. Also there is a wide range of water sports and spa treatment accessible in this resort.

    3. Centara grand resort and spa – In this resort there is a fabulous kids club which is perfect for children. This resort is best for families with children. It also offers breakfasts, spa treatments, drinks and champagne etc.

    4. Lily beach resort and spa – Lily beach resort is perfect for those people who are diving fans, as it is situated close to some of the best diving sites in the world. Those who are searching for a romantic escape with roomy, comfortable double rooms with fine service this resort is idyllic for them.

    5. Conrad rangali island - This Island is bounded by pleasant, beautiful beaches and swimming spots. It bids superb experience of underwater restaurants which permits regulars to eat surrounded by sea-life. We can say that this island is ideal for a tranquil luxurious holiday.

    It is up to your choice whether you want a smaller resort or bigger one. If you wish to have a private and sheltered experience then go for smaller resort or if you want to have a resort full with people and other activities then choose bigger resort.


    Beautiful Churches of Umbria

    Posted In: Destination by cooldude

    Churches of UmbriaUmbria, Italy was not a very well-known tourist destination as it does not have many things to offer in terms of adventure activities or beautiful sceneries and sights. However, recently Umbria is gaining popularity especially among the tourists who are religious and love to appreciate the architecture of churches. Umbria is home to a number of beautiful churches which mesmerize every tourist who visits the region in ways unimaginable. This article will get you acquainted with some of the popular churches of Umbria.

    The Church of S. Giovanni de Butris: This church is located away from the hustle bustle of the busy neighborhoods of Acquasparta (a town in Umbria). It is absolutely beautiful and when you will visit this church you will feel as if an atmosphere of peace has surrounded you.

    Duomo S. Maria Assunta: Located in Orvieto, this church is well-known among the tourist for its breathtakingly amazing Gothic architecture. When you will enter the church, you will notice that the interior design is very less but that simplicity is what makes this church so beautiful.

    Tempio S. Salvatore: This church is located close to Campello sul Clitunno (town in Umbria) and it reflects the architectural ability of the artists of the period in which it was built. It closely resembles a Roman Church but Christian sculptures adorn its interior and exterior walls.

    The Church of S. Francesco: Situated in Monteleone di Spoleto, this church is home to some unique frescoes and the door of the church is perhaps the perfect representation of Gothic sculpture in Umbria.

    The Church of Santa Maria Della Consolazione: You will surely get mesmerized by the picturesque beauty of this church which reflects the designs that were popular during the Renaissance age.

    Some other beautiful churches of Umbria are:
    Church of S. Claudio, Church of Bernardino, Church of S. Maria Assunta etc.


    Safari Trip To Kenya

    Posted In: Travel Tips by cooldude

    Safari Trip To KenyaAre you looking forward for a thrilling trip off late? Well, if you are in a mood for some true adventure a holiday at Keya would be great to excite your adventurous self. The beautiful African country has always been a favorite of the tourists given its amazing fauna spread that can be accredited for the unforgettable Kenya safaris. The post here is a little bit on your safari trip at Kenya.

    One of the most significant attractions making up the Kenyan safari is the wildebeest migration of Masai Mara. It’s said that Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park display the greatest of wildlife shows. A huge horde of zebra and wildebeest migrate in between these two conservation parks in quest of ripened green grass and water every year. The actual excitement lies on the route of migration where the carnivorous beasts like hyena, cheetah, leopard and lions wait for their preys knowing that they would be crossing the region. The safari trips at Masai Mara arrange for balloon flight for the tourists so that they can experience a safe and clear view of the migration. Its best to visit Masai Mara from June till October.

    The Lake Naivasha is another excellent sight for safari trips in Kenya. The lake exhibits around 400 species of birds as well as hippos. A wide variety of fishes are also at display at Naivasha. Do not miss out on Lake Nakuru which is simply stunning with its pink flamingos.

    Mount Kenya is another significant spot in every Kenyan safari. Search on the internet for reputed African tourism companies interested in Kenyan tours. The mountainous region is the home to many exotic African wild animals. The safari trips here generally range from 6-8 days and include lunch & dinner as well as camping facilities.


    Visit EuropeThe tourist destinations located in Europe such as Italy, Germany, Rome, Britain, France etc are extremely popular because of their amazing beauty. So it is obvious that you would like to visit Europe and have a wonderful time without falling into any trouble. Thus if you want to have an unforgettable holiday experience in Europe then you should make it a point to follow these smart travel tips.
    Firstly, it would be a wise move on your part to acquire the services of an efficient travel agent because he/she will guide you regarding your trip to Europe. The travel agent will suggest certain tourist destinations that are famous in Europe and will help you plan a budget-friendly trip.

    Once you select the places you want to visit in Europe, you can check out the details about their history, culture, laws, customs and other such things. You can buy travel guide books that are related to these places so that you are well-acquainted with the places and do not feel like a total stranger when you actually visit them.

    Make sure all your major documents such as the tickets, passport, visa papers etc are packed appropriately so that you can avoid troubles in the future. Book your tickets in advance especially during the holiday seasons so that you can get hold of cheaper airline tickets.

    Ensure that you make proper arrangement for your accommodation as well because most of the hotels and resorts have their online websites on which you can make your advance bookings that also at reasonable prices.

    Carry enough money with you so that you can handle any financial emergency conveniently. You can carry your debit or credit card instead of carrying lots of money as that will not be very safe.
    Hope these travel tips help you before you visit Europe.


    What to Pack for A Ski Trip?

    Posted In: Adventure Travel by cooldude

    Ski TripIf you love skiing then you must be waiting eagerly for your skiing trip. However, in order to enjoy your skiing trip to the fullest, you must pack all your things appropriately and carefully so that you do not forget anything. During your trip, you have to ensure that you remain dry and warm. Thus you have to pack things accordingly. Packing for a skiing trip can turn out to be a very daunting task. This article will help you in packing the right things for your skiing trip especially if you are undertaking one for the very first time.

    Along with your jackets, sweaters and scarves, you must carry those body-fitting winter suits which keep your body warm effectively and eliminate sweat to a considerable extent. Also carry good quality gloves to cover your hands properly. Foot warmers should also be bought and packed with the rest of your clothing. Pack a ski jacket which has a hood and full sleeves so that it can be worn even if the snowfall is heavy. Plus carry some non-skiing clothing along with you because you might get bored of skiing and go out to socialize with friends and relatives. You should make it a point to pack goggles or sunglasses in your luggage so that you can protect your eyes from harsh sunlight.

    Contact the ski resort you have booked to get to know which equipments you have to carry with yourself. You can hire the poles, skis and boots from any local store very conveniently. But ensure that these are packed appropriately so that these do not get damaged. Your travel documents, money, gadgets, toiletries etc should also be packed in your luggage.

    Once you pack all the above mentioned things suitably, you can be assured that you will have an unforgettable and wonderful skiing experience.


    Wedding on beachTheme wedding is common among the couples these days and of all themes, beach wedding is the most common. Surely there’s nothing more romantic than exchanging the vows under the azure sky, over the pristine sand and by the vast ocean- it’s truly mystique. Are you too planning for a beach wedding and looking for the right destination? Well, the article here is a brief on the top destinations for beach weddings.

    Hawaii beaches

    Hawaii is famous for its ultimate romantic ambience which has made it the one-stop for the honeymooners and for beach weddings as well. The breezy beaches, mild weather, fresh flowers and the outstanding countryside altogether conjure to create the perfect romantic setup for you as you exchange the rings. The most famous Hawaii beaches for wedding are Waikiki, Sunset, Bog, Polo, Makena etc.


    Aruba is a wonderful tropical paradise which promises an unforgettable environ for your coveted beach wedding. You will sure love the cool trade winds here as well the warm temperature & varied natural landscapes- making up the perfect backdrop for a spectacular beach wedding. Palm Beach is the most famous here for beach weddings.

    Southern California

    Southern California is another top most choice when it comes to beach wedding destinations. The Laguna beach is the most famous beach wedding hit today, courtesy its exotically scenic vista. The other beaches for beach wedding in Southern California include Crystal Cove, Brooks, West Street, Picnic, Rockpile etc.

    Bora Bora

    Bora Bora, the Polynesian paradise emerging from South pacific is one of the hot favorites for couples planning for a beach wedding. The pristine sandy stretch of the island and expansive ocean seem truly mesmerizing. The most popular beach for beach wedding in Bora Bora is Matira Beach. The other beaches for wedding here are Palaean, Eden and Pearl.


    What to do when in Venice

    Posted In: Adventure Travel by cooldude

    travel veniceVenice is known to be one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful places to visit in Italy. Maybe it’s their culture, the thought of the city surviving on the banks of water or the uniqueness of the place itself- whatever it the reason is, Venice brings in thousands of travelers from across the world every year.

    The weather is pleasant and it’s a feast to the eyes. The place is known for its hundreds of bridges and gondola rides, the San Marco Square and its historic significance along with the Venetian masks and unique and exclusive Murano glassware. If you do happen to go to Venice, take a water taxi ride to the main city from the docks. It’ll truly be a wonderful experience. Get souvenir shops, amazing wine and local cuisines and a beautiful evening with the live music and food and wine in the San Marco Square would be something, which you’ll never forget.


    travel tipsIf you are planning for a vacation and worried about the budget then you must make sure that you have planned your trip well. A good plan can help you in saving a good amount of money. Here are some tips that you can use to save a good amount of money while going on a vacation.

    • While deciding for the trip makes sure that you have booked all the tickets way early. Booking all the travel tickets early would let you save a great deal of amount easily.
    • Hotel bookings should be made early as hotel provide a good discount early.
    • The car bookings if made early would mean that you can not only get good deals but also find yourself a good ride at a very less price.
    • Learn more about the place through the various blogs so that you have a good idea on places to visit thus enjoying the most while spending little.

    Use these trips to not only have a great vacation but you will surely save a good deal of money while travelling.


    Travel India, travel destinationsThinking of a tour of India during the upcoming holidays? Then you must make sure that you have made out a good plan before leaving your home. India is a vast country and hence you will need a good plan to cover all the important areas in the country. Here is the list of five destinations that you can never afford to miss while touring India.

    • While touring India you can never miss one of the wonders of the world. The Taj Mahal is one of the monuments that should be first on the touring list.
    • The next destination is the Ghats of Banaras. With the sunset comes the famous worshipers in the temples worshiping their god makes it a scene worth witnessing.
    • Kolkata the capital of India during the period of East India Company makes it worth visiting. Here you will find rich history with a connection to the Elizabethan culture. You can also visit the Victoria memorial and the famous Howrah Bridge.
    • Kashmir is one of the places in the world where you can witness the beauty of nature at its peak. This hilly region is considered as a heaven on earth by a Persian king once.
    • While visiting India you cannot forget to visit Goa. This place has a history connected to Portugal. It has the beautiful sea beaches for you to relax and have fun.
    While you plan for India make sure that these destinations are on your list.


    Travelling to Las VegasIf you are planning for a holiday trip to some exciting place, the Las Vegas, Nevada is the best suited for you. You will ultimate enjoyment out there during your holiday trip. The accommodation cost is not much if you are ready to stay in some cheap hotels with not much amenities. The accommodation can be available in dormitories and motels for $5-$7 per person per day. You can also have hotel room for a much low price. Just you need to check out all the hotels before you just stop at hotel.

    The transportation cost is also not much if you avail any of the local transport means like the monorails, buses, etc. However, if you want to avail ultimate luxury and consider travelling in only cabs or limousines, then it will cost quite a much.

    You can enjoy in the evening in the casinos playing a variety of gambling games and other exciting games. Drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic are available in the casinos itself. If you want to party, then there are many discos and pubs and lounges in Vegas setting up the temperature for you.

    Prior to your visit keep in mind that due to the proximity of the desert, the place is a little hot and also you should carry sun glasses to avert the sun.

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